Monday, December 21, 2015

Know How to Measure a Tank Top

Measuring a tank top shirt can be a tricky under taking.  If you need to know how to measure a tank top, then you have come to the right place at Sometimes you need to get your tank top measurements to make sure that a tank top will fit properly before purchasing.  With a little guidance, you can accurately make tank top measurements.

When you prepare to take the tank top measurements, make sure that the surface you are placing the tank top on is smooth and clean such as a table.  It's not recommended to use a fabric covered surface as a measuring surface.  Lay your tank top flat on the surface, smooth out all the wrinkles, and make sure it is face up.  Don't stretch out the shirt because it will interfere with an accurate measurement.

Measure the body width by measuring from side-to-side starting one inch below the bottom of the armhole seam.  Then measure the body length by measuring from the high point of the shoulder strap down to the bottom hem edge.  Next, measure the   armhole length.  Start by folding the garment at the center front, and center back by matching the seams on top of each other.  Lay the neck bindings on top of each other. Smooth them to form a straight edge, but not stretched.

It is important to get an accurate measurement across the shoulders. Begin by measuring in a straight line from the strap to strap at the outer binding edges.  To measure the shoulder width, measure in a straight line from the strap edge to the strap edge at the top.

When measuring the bottom hem you should measure for the fold edge of the hem to the first stitch line.  Be sure to measure this one several times to insure the measurement is accurate.  Next, begin measuring across the front by measuring seven inches down from the shoulder seam.  Measure it horizontally across the front of the chest of the shirt.  Next, measure across the back by turning the shirt face down.  Also measure it seven inches down from the shoulder seam.  Measure it horizontally across the back of the shirt.                

By making all of the above measurements, you should have of the measurements you need for accurate tank measurements comparison.  Be sure to double check your measurements to make sure that you will get a good fit from a tank top when you are comparing your measurements to the prospective tank top.  Making sure that your tank top fits properly can really make a difference when you want to balance comfort and style.


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