Monday, November 09, 2015

Custom Embroidery Options

Branding clothing and accessories is an inexpensive and fun way to brand your business. Be it to outfit your staff or to give away to happy customers, you can’t beat the return on investment that can be are the days when hand stitched embroidery is your only option. Of course machine stitching made things easier decades ago but today you have even more options than ever before making it possible to add branding to non-traditional fabrics and items and make lots of different design choices possible.
It all starts with the ability to digitize your design which will allow for optimal results on a variety of fabrics and applications. Computer technology sure has helped add complex design work to the act of branding clothing and apparel.

 Embroidery & Screen Printing

Applique and Reverse Applique 
Applique is a design on fabric that is cut and then stitched to your target piece of clothing or apparel. The effect saves embroidery stitches and also adds a new layer of dimension to your overall design. Reverse applique is a design technique in which a top layer of fabric is cut away revealing the shape of a design that has been attached underneath. The finished edges around the revealed pattern may be turned under and then re-stitched by hand for a more finished look or left exposed for a raw look.

Laser Etching

If you need a subtle, professional logo imprinted on an item you should consider laser etching which is the processes of burning a design into fabric for a subdued color on color look. The result is an unobtrusive yet professional looking logo which looks great on a Nike Golf shirt or any other polo shirt, hat, bag, etc.
With these additional methods of adding a logo to material your possibilities are endless. Branding your company has never been easier, or more fashionable!


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