Monday, March 10, 2014

Importance of Measuring Before Ordering Garments Online

It goes almost without saying that when buying garments online or offline, size matters.  An oversized garment will make you uncomfortable. An undersized garment, on the other hand, will expose some parts of your body that will leave you embarrassed. That is why the importance of measuring before ordering garments online should never be underestimated.   Simply make good use of the garment measuring chart and find your exact garment size.  Alternatively, go online and search tips on how to measure garments.
 T Shirts: 
You don’t have to visit lots of websites and blogs giving tips on how to measure garments or garment measurements if you want to get the right measures of your t-shirt size. The reason is simple. Of all garments, t-shirts are the easier to measure. Simple get your body width, body length and armhole right, and you will be good to go. Do not rely on the standard garment measuring chart if you are sure of your size as that may be misleading.  Simply get any t shirt from your wardrobe that fits you will then note down the measurements, start with the shoulder to shoulder length then body length and finally body width. Most sites offering tips on how to measure clothing size recommend his seemingly traditional style of getting the right garment measuring because it works.
 Pants are also easy to measure. You only need to be keen on the waist size and the pant length and you will be good to go.  When measuring your waist, give a little allowance to the final size. Add half an inch. This is mainly because you will have to tuck in at some point or wear a boxer that will ‘eat up’ at least an inch or two of your pant’s waist size. The garment measuring chart takes this into consideration, which is why most clothing store owners use them.  Keep in mind that you do not need to use the garment measuring chart for sweatpants with elastic bands.

Other Considerations:
 The garment measuring chart or sites offering tips on how to measure garments will not tell you that your body expands as the day progresses and gets hotter. It is a strange fact that you always have to keep in mind if you are to get your exact waist size. That said, always measure your waist size in the afternoon or at around midday. If, by any chance, you are not sure of what to do, simply Google the ‘Importance of Measuring Before Ordering Garments Online you will get a list of sites that will offer you more than enough tips on the  Importance of Measuring Before Ordering Garments Online as well as tips on how to  measure clothing size.


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